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Intercultural Communication for Christian Ministry

Western Desert Christian art

The Warlpiri (Western Desert Aboriginal people) communicate through story and drawing To understand the 'icons' used see:

 Basically the curved shapes are representations of bumb patterns of people made in the desert sand. A single dotted line inside the curved shape represents the human spirit, The second set of dotted lines represent the Holy Spirit. The three curved shaped co-joined symbolises the Trinity. Where the central curved shape is a solid line it depicts Christ post-incarnation.

An outline of the Life of Christ

Key to Life of Christ

1.God the Trinity

2.The Spirit hovers over Mary who concives and gives birth to Jesus

3. Jesus is baptised by John the Baptist

4. Jesus goes into the wilderness where he is tried by the Devil

5. Jesus gathers disciples and teaches them

6. He raises Lazareth fron the dead

7. He is crucified on the cross

8. His body placed in a tomb

9. Jesus descends to the place of the dead

10 Raised form the dead

11. Reveals himself to his disciples

12. His ascension into heaven

 Two humanities

Key to Two humanities

1. God the Trinity post incarnation and ascension

2. Humanity in Adam - all estranged from each other - not facing each other

3. A person believs, receives the Spirit, is baptised and

4. Incorporated into the body of Christ - in fellowship with one another


When the story is painted rather than drawn in the sand the Western Desert dot painting style is used. The following depicts creation.

Contemporary style of painting