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Intercultural Communication for Christian Ministry

Since the 1991 publication of David Hesselgrave’s comprehensive work, Communicating Christ Cross-Culturally: An Introduction to Missionary Communication there have been significant developments in the psychology of thinking and learning, psychology of art, ethnomusicology, ethnodramacology and methods of oral communication. In addition, the electronic media such as the Internet and other electronic resources have developed at a rapid rate. This book seeks to respond to those changes.

This book Intercultural Communication for Christian Ministry is available at Amazon. com

Some key features of this book include:

  1. Relative cultural inclusiveness - not reflecting a single Western perspective although the language and orthography reflects that of the writer's culture of origin. It attempts to include the perspective of people from non-Western cultures.
  2. Consideration of gender issues and the importance of personal relationships as a context for Christian ministry.
  3. Reflection on how God communicates.
  4. Discussion of ethical issues in Christian communication.
  5. Attention to communicating with oral-aural people, shame-honour and fear-power cultures.
  6. Acknowledgement of the role of ethno-music as well as visual and dramatic arts in communicating cross-culturally.
  7. Addressing of the challenges posed by thinking styles and worldview differ-ences in communicating God's grand story.
  8. The influence and usefulness of contemporary digital media.
  9. The use of case histories and critical incidents are used to illustrate the text and ground the theory in reality.
  10. A companion website to provide digital resources: related links, video clips, ethnomusic, visual arts, additional case histories and case studies.

An excellent book that is worth using, although expensive, is:

Lustig, Myron, and Jolene Koester, Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures. Boston, Mass.: Allyn & Bacon, 2010.