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Intercultural Communication for Christian Ministry

Christian ethno-music

Each people can develop their own Christian music with tunes they resonate with and lyrics that speak to their experience of God, their circumstances and express their beliefs. Each is distinctively different. There is no need to think that western Christian music is anymore spiritual than indigenous music. To borrow music from outside the culture is to introduce a foreignness to faith expression and suggests that local cultural forms are profane and unworthy for worship.

Jordanian 1

Jordanian 2

Dani 1

Dani 2

Zambian Baptist

Zambian Pentecostal

Tibetan traditional (Based on Psalm 149:1-3 and preceded by the reading of the Bible text)

Tibetan contemporary (Used with permission from Gyumang Associates)

Ethiopean Orthodox (Used with permission from St. Mary and Anba Bishoy Coptic Orthodox Church, Adelaide)